Game Payments and Advertising Rewards

DSTC is used for different online games such as games developed by the company. It can be used for things like payment for in-game purchases.

We are implementing shopping mall and giftcon payments as well as advertising rewards through the DSTC Show app. We have presented a new business model that exchanges payments and advertising rewards for DST coins in our own shopping mall with more than 53,000 items.

Global Utility Coin

DSTC started business in Singapore and the Republic of Korea. We now have branches in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

We are opening new horizons for global utility coins by continuously expanding our business areas.

Donocle Stone Coin
Utility Token Business

This is the official payment coin of STONE649 Social Casino located in Singapore. It is a full-fledged utility cryptocurrency that covers a variety of uses such as different online games, shopping malls, advertising rewards, merchant payments, gold transactions, and real estate transactions.

Donocle Stone Coin

DSTC is used for games and payment for shopping malls and affiliated stores. We are expanding our business worldwide starting with Southeast Asia.

Travel without exchange

App of franchisee of Free Travel.
Global merchant payment business.

Advertising Rewards

Rewards offered by watching
ads on the app.

Cheapest shopping mall.

Lowest overseas price for direct
purchases (members only).

Social Casino

Official Coin of Stone649 Social Casino - Singapore

Real estate

Official chain of Global Gold Chain.
Gold discount sales and art trades.


Exchange advertising rewards for
gift certificates.

Road Map

DSTC will continue to grow through additional system development and marketing with the goal of becoming a listed company in 2021.


Conduct coin issuance and prepare to be listed.


Become listed on the global exchange.


Open Donocle site.


Conduct global marketing.


Become listed on the KRW exchange.

Advertising Rewards App

DSTC is recruiting an unspecified number of users through a strategic alliance with Nabitok, a global advertising content brand, by providing advertising rewards. Earned rewards can be exchanged for giftcon or DSTC.

Play Store Download

Donocle Stone Social Casino Official Payment Coin

Player acquisition strategy

DSTC has maintained a favorable position by attracting a large number of unspecified users through online games and advertising rewards apps.

Utilization of DSTC/MIB/DNL Holder

Support for game play with MIB/DNL.
Support for withdrawals in BTC, ETH, etc.
Initial user inflow effect based on MIB Holder.
Operate Bounty Program through the use of MIB Holder.

Off-Page SEO Activity

Continuous content production through official blogs and social media.
Backlink building through external social networks.
Revenue sharing, CPA, hybrid model.

VIP Program

A rating system according to game usage time and amount.
Various benefits are provided according to rating.
Deposit bonus and regular free spins.
Lottery ticket.

The Donocle Project is an online gambling system that utilizes virtual currency as a commodity. It is a project that maximizes fairness by transparently disclosing a blockchain-based fair lottery method and prize money through online gambling and a global lottery system using coins and tokens such as bitcoin as goods.

We are pursuing a comprehensive online casino where people can enjoy a blockchain-based lotto that includes various live dealers and slot games that are loved around the world. These games use virtual currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum in the online gambling market.

We are operating our own node for real-time transaction processing. We also have a backup node and node operation technology and have developed and built our own API to process virtual currency transactions through the node.

We have been operating stably through the closed beta service for over a year.

According to the marketing research firm H2 Gambling Capital, the iGaming market is expected to reach $117 billion within the next five years. Considering the fact that the iGaming market was at $59 billion in 2019, the projection shows that the iGaming market is headed for explosive growth.

Gambling through the use of virtual currency has many advantages for both operators and users, which has increased the demand for the use of different types of virtual currencies. Many gambling operators have adopted cryptocurrencies as a payment method in response to the demand.